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Michael Winograd and Zeb Bangash
Privately Published

Sandaraa is an extraordinary fusion album by Brooklyn clarinetist Michael Winograd and Pakistani singer/composer Zeb Bangash. Drawing upon elements of klezmer, as well as Baluchi, Pashto, and Dari music, khayal classical singing, and more, Sandaraa is a unique and unforgettable meeting of cultures, traditions, and exploration. A "must" for international music connoisseurs in search of reinvention. The tracks are "Jegi Jegi Lailajan" (5:50), "Mana Nele" (7:20), "Bibi Sanem Janem" (5:40), "Dilbarake Nazinin" (7:10), and "Haatera Taiyga" (5:06).