Press Clipping
Sandaraa CD Release Concert at Spaceland Ballroom

Bangash and Winograd met when Bangash's former, wildly popular duo Zeb and Haniya played at the Pakistani Embassy as part of a US tour. The two hit it off, and they started trading ideas and links. When Bangash had a performance at NYU in Abu Dhabi, she invited Michael to collaborate. They spent hours listening to worn cassettes together, sessions that led them to songs like "Haatera Taiyga." "Everyone started dancing to it," Bangash recalls. "They couldn't stop." (

The May 8 concert is the first on Sandaraa’s CD release tour of their new Eponymous album, and the ensemble will perform a number of new compositions supported by the MAP Fund, Chamber Music America, and the Puffin Foundation. They are joined for the tour by Bridget Kearney and Benjamin Lazar Davis, who Invisible Ink described as, "Captivating. Heavenly. music as filtered through the prism of art rock, indie style."